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Irrigation Services

When it comes to irrigation services, you want a professional who keeps the safety of your drinking water as the top priority.

Irrigation install

New Install

Contact Flowcheck to get a quote and we’ll schedule your site visit within a week.

Prices Vary
The site visit includes discussing your needs, measuring your lot, testing water pressure/flow and determining the size of your meter and water supply line. Within a week of taking measurements, we’ll submit an estimate to you based on your specific site information and answer any questions you may have.
5 Year Warranty on all New Installs

Irrigation Repair

Service Call Fee – $120 min (plus materials)
Each additional hour: $65 per hour (plus materials)

Broken heads, broken pipes, leaky valves, malfunctioning or outdated controllers? We can fix it!

Simply click on “Request a Quote” below and let us know what we can repair for you.

For jobs requiring extra time and materials, including valve replacements, adding additional zones to existing systems and replacing large amounts of sprinkler heads, we’ll provide a detailed quote for parts and labor.


$65 (up to 8 zones)
Don’t let freezing temperatures ruin your costly investment.   Winterization includes manually shutting off water to irrigation system, opening drain valves and draining backflow preventer. 

Commerical customers please call for price quote.


Spring Startup

Spring Sprinkler Startup

$75 (Up to 8 zones)
Winter can be especially hard on irrigation systems. We’ll make sure your system is in top working order before the heat of summer hits. Service includes opening gate valves, assessing condition of backflow preventer, checking each valve and replacing nozzles, where applicable. We even throw in up to $20 worth of parts – FREE – to make sure your system is ready to go for watering season!

Commercial customers please call for price quote.

Sprinkler Services

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