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Annual Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing In Portland Oregon

Annual Backflow Testing is not only recommended, it is legally required in the State of Oregon.  Our team is trained and certified to test your backflow and ensure that your system is in compliance. 

If you have received a letter from your water district, our certified testers will perform your backflow test and submit it to the district on your behalf. 

Backflow Preventer Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  Simply choose the automatic renewal option and we will automatically book your tests until you cancel. 

Your credit card will be stored securely using Stripe for automatic renewals.

A backflow preventer is an approved, testable assembly that uses valves to prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing into the public water system. 

If your system has a registered backflow preventer, you will receive an annual notice from your water provider. 

If you have any of the following systems at your home or business it is very likely that you have a backflow preventer:

  • Irrigation system 
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Swimming pool 
  • Soda Machine
  • Boiler
  • Hot Tub

As per Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-061-070 and your local water provider, ALL approved backflow prevention assemblies must be maintained and tested at least once per year. 

NO! If a water main breaks, all the water downstream from the break gets siphoned back towards the breakage. 

Without a backflow preventer between your sprinkler system and the water main, it allows fertilizers and many other contaminants to be pulled into the community water supply as well as your house or business.  

A backflow preventer contains things like springs and rubber gaskets.  These elements, over time, can and will wear out, or break down.  The job of a tester is to ensure that your device is working as it should.  

Yes!  Flowcheck LLC is licensed with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (License # 9331) for irrigation and backflow.  If your backflow preventer fails its annual testing, we have you covered, we have the ability to repair or replace your assembly as needed.

Yes!  Flowcheck LLC can test any system.  Please contact us directly by email or phone to get a quote for your test.

Residential Backflow Testing

Pricing Not Applicable To Commercial Testing
  • Backflow Test
  • Report Submission
  • Automatic Testing (Optional)

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