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Flowcheck LLC is a local backflow and irrigation service in based in Hillsboro OR.  We specialize in backflow certification and offer irrigation system installations, upgrades, repairs, adjustments, and annual maintenance plans in Portland and many surrounding areas.


Backflow Testing Portland

Irrigation Backflow Testing

It is mandatory that all irrigation systems in the Portland OR area have their backflow devices tested annually and certified by a licensed tester.  

We have perfected the certification process to make it as easy as possible for you to be compliant with city regulations and have made our certification process as easy as possible. 

We also offer:

Irrigation Repairs Hillsboro | Irrigation Upgrades Hillsboro

Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

In addition to our backflow testing and certification service, we also offer spring maintenance, fall maintenance, and call in repair services.   We want to make your irrigation system as worry free as possible with our call in or annual maintenance services.

If you have received an annual reminder to test your backflow we are certified testers.  Backflow testing ensures that your backflow valve is working as it should be and protects our local drinking water. 

Book Your Test 

Have our team turn on your system for the season either as a single service or part of our convenient maintenance plans .  We will ensure your service is turned on safely and unexpected issues are managed.

We are also certified backflow testers! If you have received a reminder for your annual inspection we can perform your test at the same time!  Book your test now

Request service online or give us a call to have us diagnose and repair your system for just $95.  

Our experienced technicians will diagnose your system and discuss recommendations on how to fix the issues you are having.  Request service online or give us a call.

Book your winterization service online or by giving us a call.  Our winterization can be booked as a stand alone service or as part of our annual maintenance plans.

If you have purchased a home with irrigation and have questions we can help!

During this visit we will:
– Check your system and diagnose any repairs or upgrades that may be required
-Show you how to use the system
-Recommend settings and schedules
-Perform backflow testing to ensure your system is up to date and compliant with current regulations
-Share how to care for your system and recommend service schedules

Book online or by giving us a call book your initial service.

Flowcheck LLC has developed three convenient service plans to help you maintain your irrigation service hassle free. 

Service plan holders enjoy:

-Savings On Services
-Priority Booking 
-Automatic Scheduling 
-Service Reminders
-Discounts on Repairs 
-Automatic Annual Renewal Options 
Learn More

Irrigation Repairs Hillsboro | Irrigation Upgrades Hillsboro
Irrigation Systems in Hillsboro

Irrigation System Installs & Upgrades

Request a quote with Flowcheck and we will visit your home or business to plan out your new irrigation service with you.

Our systems include:

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