Backflow Testing Services

We service West Portland as well as the entire west side. (Beaverton, Forest Grove, etc.) 

What happens when I order a Backflow Test?

Testing typically takes 1-2 weeks, but we will prioritize a test where necessary when you call.  We will come to your location and run a backflow test to ensure that your drinking water is safe from backflow contamination. Most homes require a backflow test that can be ordered by the city or county.

Once complete, we’ll email you a copy of the report and forward a copy to your water provider.

Extremely happy with the service. Very easy to set up appointment online, received email confirmation test was completed along with copy of results for our records and they send copy to the city. Highly recommend!
Martha Cavanaugh

Save money on future backflow tests!

Do you need a test every year?  Sign up for our Automatic Testing Program.  It’s so convenient and one less thing on your list to worry about!

To sign up for our Auto Testing Program, please go here.  Credit or debit card securely stored on file is required to take advantage of this convenient service.

For Commercial Customers & HOA Discounts, Please Contact Us.