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Flowcheck Backflow and Sprinkler Tips

Custom Irrigation System

When I see the word 'custom', I tend to think of two things:  The dream of a client and the fulfillment of that dream.  When a new customer calls our phone and says he/she wants a new irrigation system, the very first thing we think about is "What is our client's...

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Protect Your Sprinkler System

...it's that time of year again...Time to Winterize your sprinkler system! Winterizing your system is very important as a preventative maintenance to avoid freeze damage.  Whether you hire someone or do it yourself, it needs to be done before freezing temperatures...

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Are Backflow Preventers Really Needed?

If you haven't heard, a backflow incident recently caused a major scare in the Texas town of Corpus Christi.  320,000 residents were told to "not touch, drink or use the water". According to the report (sited below), about 3-24 gallons of petroleum-based glue-like...

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